Putting the Focus on Chiller Efficiency

Easy-to-read log sheet views highlight efficiency problems.


  • Centrifugal Water Chillers can account for 20% to 40% of a facility's total energy consumption.
  • A Centrifugal Water Chiller can lose as much as 30% efficiency and still appear to be operating satisfactorily!

The Cost of Inefficiency

  • 10,000-ton Chiller Plant
  • Average cost to run chillers = $1,275,000
    (Assumptions: .85kw/ton, $0.06/kwh, 2500 EFLH )
  • Assuming 15% efficiency loss = $191,250 in WASTED ENERGY!

The Problem

  • Chiller logs are routinely taken, but analysis of the data is difficult — so problems may not be identified in a timely manner.
  • In many plants the assumption is made that if the chiller is running and the building is cool that everything is OK!

The Solution

  • A process for logging chillers and evaluating readings:
  • Take readings using a PDA, Tablet PC or using AutoLog input readings directly from your Building Automation System.
  • Load data to the ChillerCheck web site.
  • Review efficiency analysis and take corrective action if required.
  • Process identifies the most common causes of inefficient chiller operation, including:
    • Fouled condenser and evaporator tubes
    • Refrigerant leaks
    • Air or non-condensables in the chiller
    • Cooling tower problems
    • Water flow problems
    • Incorrect set points

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